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Male sexual dysfunction encompasses a variety of disorders that affect sex drive (libido), the ability to achieve or maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction, or impotence), ejaculation, and the ability to achieve orgasm. Vigomax forte combines herbs like Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Kapikachchhu (Mucuna pruriens) and Gokhshur (Tribulus terrestris) to enhance male performance. The combined effect as nervine tonic and antioxidant promotes wellness and functions of reproductive organs. Their anxiolytic property helps to combat stress and anxiety improving the body’s ability to respond to sex. Vigomax forte is one of the most excellent herbal medicines that may be used by men to manage the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is an effective erectile dysfunction treatment found in the herbal medicine world. It can be used to cure other issues as well that are experienced by men in relation to their sexual system. It is one of the best natural cures for erectile dysfunction as well as other issues associated with sexual system. It is a natural cure for erectile dysfunction. It is free from any side-effects and hence can be used in a safe manner without experiencing any ill-effects on the overall body health. Order Vigomax forte online from Jumia Kenya and have it delivered to you.


Vigomax forte is a wonderful and effective cure for the problem of erectile dysfunction. It can be used in a safe and natural manner by men for treatment as well as prevention of erectile dysfunction as well as other sexual issues associated with the male sexual system. It helps in correction of the abnormal male penis curvature. Hence men are able to achieve straight, harder and stronger erections. This in turn allows them to take active part in the sexual act as well as in the process of reproduction. The quality of sperms in male semen is improved using this wonderful herbal product. It allows men to contribute towards the process of reproduction in an active way. Also the quantity of male sperms is improved with the use of this herbal medicine. It means the level of sperms in male semen is normalized. As a result, normal process of reproduction is ensured naturally. It helps in improving sexual stamina and vigour in men for improvement in their sexual capacity and performance. It is an excellent treatment option for impotence as well. Men may get rid of this problem using this amazing herbal remedy. The male sex organs are nurtured with all the essential nutrients so that these may keep on working normally and most optimally. Also it helps in management of any sexual issues that may arise due to nutritional deficiencies in the diet. Any types of malfunctioning of the sexual parts and organs are also treated effectively. It releases stress, tension and depression from the mind. This in turn improves confidence in men. As a result, they are able to perform in a confident manner during sexual activity.

  • Weight 0.79 kg
  • Dimensions 110 x 33 x 100 cm
  • Materials 60% cotton
  • Color Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Red, White
  • Size XL, L, M, S

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